May 27, 2020 1 min read


Our craving for popcorn got the better of us last week.

With cinemas closed during the lockdown, many of us have been hankering for some cinema-cooked popcorn and a movie. In that order.

So we put together a versatile poster celebrating the delicious moreish-ness of popcorn. Using just the word, "POPCORN", we wanted to see if we could convey different moods and stir up a range of emotions by simply changing the color combinations in the background.


We did this by compiling a series of backgrounds that would serve to bring our "POPCORN" cut out to life.

Starting with a classic red/white combination, we crafted two similar backgrounds for a tribute to popcorn that would offer a striking contrast and a bold declaration of our love for everyone's favorite cinema snack.


We also tried some more complementary color combinations, first opting for a red/yellow scheme, then a sunset-inspired red/orange/yellow triumvirate. Both offered striking visuals but most of us loved the visual appeal of the three-color combination.


Needless to say, once it is safe to do so, the ecopeco crew will be headed back to the nearest cinema for popcorn and a movie. In that order. 


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