METRIC ecopeco® Jade Green 3-Pack Self-Healing, Reversible Eco Cutting Mats

  • Jade Green 3 pack (includes 3 individual cutting mats of the same color)
  • 3 sizes to choose from, mix it up (44x29cm, 58x43cm and 91x61cm)
  • No PVC, no BPA's, no phthalates, no harsh smells. Healthy and Recyclable.
  • Reversible for greater contrast with your artwork
  • 5 layers and self-healing surface for supreme durability and longevity
  • Great for sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, leather crafting and other art projects 
  • Packaged flat. Open the box and get creating!
  • PLEASE NOTE: One side is metric (centimeters) and the other side is the corresponding inches