A Beeee-utiful Classroom

August 24, 2020 2 min read

A Beeee-utiful Classroom

Summer is almost over and it's back to school-for some.  The reopening of schools, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, has ignited furious debate and any conclusive resolution seems a long way away. Understandably so. Parents are concerned for the health of their children, but they have to balance that with their educational needs. There is also the issue of parents returning to work while also caring for children learning from home. 

Similarly, educators are keen to get back to work but quite justifiably concerned about their health, the safety of their families, as well as the children they teach.

For those fortunate to be living in areas where it has been deemed safe to return to school, preparations are in full swing. One of our ambassadors, Millie Nethercote has created an incredible set of bee-themed decorations for a class of little ones.

Classrooms are so full of life already but well-made decorations just elevate the energy and have the potential to add so much vibrancy to a place where energy and positivity are so important.

With a brand new class, there is always some nervousness and uncertainty about what lies ahead. While for some, this is all part of the fun, it can be a taxing time for young students who are new to a school environment. A bright, inviting set of classroom decorations goes a long way to settling the nerves.

With engaging decorations like these, educators can also use the the themed decorations as an ice-breaker.

Whatever classroom decorations you may be using over the next few months, we wish you and your students a safe, productive and fun-filled learning experience, wherever you may be.



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