Baby Shark in the Classroom

September 22, 2020 1 min read

Baby Shark in the Classroom

If you haven't heard of Baby Shark by now, where have you been hiding? The catchy tune and the uber-cute family of sharks have been dominating kid-friendly playlists since 2016. Given itspopularity with kids, Baby Shark is highly effective when used to engage young students in a learning environment. And that goes way beyond just watching Baby Shark on YouTube.

It was with this in mind that ecopeco® ambassador, Millie Nethercote, created this Baby Shark-themed learning tool. With its friendly face and fiercely friendly jaws, it is already a big hit in the kindergarten classroom.

The shark is attached to a box which has two access points. One hole is cut into the top of the box, where the teacher can put in or remove small cards displaying letters, words, colors, shapes etc. that the students should identify. The other hole behind the shark's mouth. 

Students can either pull a surprise card out of the sharks mouth or place a specified card in the mouth. Either way, fun is bound to be had!


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