The Five Points for Purchasing Cutting Mats You Should Know

October 23, 2020 3 min read

The Five Points for Purchasing Cutting Mats You Should Know


The usefulness of the cutting mat


The cutting mat can not only protect the desktop, but also bring moderate cushioning to make the cutting process smoother, and it can also protect the blade; and some products have anti-slip function, which can fix the paper or paper to be cut. The cloth. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and smoothness of the operation, preparing a cutting mat will surely get twice the result with half the effort!


 Here are five points for you to choose a cutting mat:


 1. size

It is more convenient to choose a size larger than the cut item.


To avoid accidentally damaging the table top during the cutting process,

Please choose a size larger than the item you want to cut.

If you don’t know what size to choose, you might as well start with 12x18", which fits the general use size. If you have any hesitation, choose a larger one. There are three usually common sizes:

-12x18" is suitable for beginners, children's handicrafts, users with small cutting range or general desk space.

-18x24" suitable for leather making, paper carving crafts, model makers, sewing... etc.

-24x36" is suitable for fashion designers, patchwork, personal studio or handicraft classroom.


ecopeco 12x18 18x24 24x36 cutting mat


2. Material

Durable polyolefin resin is better.


The cutting mats in the market are mainly made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyolefin resins (PP, PE). The former is relatively inexpensive, but the heat-resistant temperature is only about 60-70°C, and the texture becomes harder and brittle at low temperatures. , It is not easy to use in winter. In addition, PVC can be toxic during the manufacturing process, and also be toxic under incomplete combustion after it is discarded. Therefore, in recent years, many environmental protection groups are urging consumers to avoid using it. 

PVC is poison


In contrast, although polyolefin resin has a higher cost, it can withstand high temperatures of 100-120°C, and is not affected by low temperatures, and its durability is relatively better. The material itself is relatively safe for the environment and the human body. This PP material is quite It is suitable for making cutting mats, and the user experience is also good.



Choose a color that contrasts with the cut item.


In recent years, cutting mats are not limited to the traditional dark green, and various colors such as red and blue have also been introduced on the market. When you are making patchwork or paper carving, it is recommended to choose a color that contrasts with fabric and paper. Some of the cutting mats have different colors on both sides, which is very suitable for you who often use different materials and love to make hand-made.

ecopeco cutting mat vibrant color




 4.Ruler scale

Clear ruler scale for easy confirmation of size.


Although a ruler will be used when cutting, the ruler scale on the cutting mat is a very important function for workers who need precise cutting. If the designed grid is too complex, it will inevitably be dazzling to use. In fact, the scales designed by some manufacturers are quite rich and practical, so that the scales of various specifications such as A5, A6, letter, legal... etc. can be seen at a glance. There is no need to check the size on the Internet before cutting. Quite convenient and efficient. Every interval of an integer scale, such as 5inch or 10cm, is displayed with a thick line, which is also a very useful marking method.

ecopeco cutting mat ruler scale




 5.Extend the use time

Double-sided cutting mats last longer


The cutting mat of double-sided style can be turned over and used continuously when one side is broken, and the use time can be extended twice, which is relatively durable for longer use. Moreover, the price of double-sided mats is usually only a little more expensive, and the back is also printed with a scale, so the CP value is higher than that of single-sided cutting mats.

cutting mat contract color

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