3 practical ways to be environmentally conscious

March 08, 2019 2 min read

3 practical ways to be environmentally conscious


In this day and age, making environmentally conscious decisions is not a matter of preference rather a responsibility that each one of us have towards this world.


With the rates of unsustainable consumption growing faster than the rate of repletion, our actions and behaviors need to catch up with this speed as well for environmental regeneration. While you might understand the principles of it, you might be wondering, how do you actually incorporate this into your life? This is why we have brought 3 practical ways to be environmentally conscious that can be incorporated in your daily life. These behaviors are not an alteration of your lifestyle, rather a prompt to be more mindful of your actions.




Choosing Recyclable Products

While selecting any plastic product, whether milk or a cutting mat, you have the option to opt for the recyclable brands. This particular step can make a massive difference; for example, one research showed that increasing recycling to 60% in the US alone is equivalent to saving 315 million barrels of oil per year! (Eartheasy, 2020). This is how you, as a consumer, can engage in sustainable consumption without sacrificing your own needs.


Hence, opt for recyclable products wherever possible! Look for the triangular symbols on the products and also notice the number inside the symbol. 3, 6, and 7 are products with phthalates, while 2, 4, and 5 are BPA free. The latter are toxic-free and is easily recyclable in the environment.


Choosing Alternative Materials

Any given product comes in multiple material options; often unnoticed by consumers; these materials can play a major role in environmental degradation. Opting for natural fibers, ceramics, wood, or platinum silicone as alternative materials to non-biodegradable materials.


For example, if you are buying a cutting mat for yourself or your loved ones, you will encounter different materials such as PVC or Polypropylene. While PVC is common, it is a highly toxic material for you as well as the environment. Looking for labels such as PVC-free products can help you make progress in your environmentally conscious actions.


Choosing Organic Products

Organic products are the ideal choice for sustainability. With such products, the entire process from beginning until the finishing is safe and mindful. Products labeled as 100% organic must be your go-to-choice at any instance! They are easy to find and are now available as an alternate at every store!


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