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October 22, 2019 2 min read

ecopeco eco cutting mat

A few weeks ago, the ecopeco® team was doing a quick review of the year so far. There have been lots to celebrate and lots to learn. While there are still a few months left of creative fun to celebrate, especially with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all on the horizon, we wanted to take a quick peek back at a lovely review we received from Brittany Jonesearlier this year. 

Brittany received the 18" x 24" Mocha Brown mat. All ecopeco® cutting mats are reversible, and the Mocha Brown alternates with lighter grey color to offer better contrasts, according to the color of the material you're working with.

Brittany appreciated the flat-packed delivery, which meant her mat did not need unfurling and was ready to use straight out of the box. She also loved the non-slip feature which helped ensure the most accurate work.

ecopeco cutting mat deliverd flat

Brittany was especially excited to learn that all ecopeco® cutting mats are eco-friendly. Our cutting mats are made from polypropylenewhich is non-toxic, 100% recyclable and is free from BPA. Polypropylene is also odorless. It's not surprising that these features jumped out at Brittany.

ecopeco cutting mat without any PVC, PBA add phthalates

Most cutting mats contain two layers of PVC. Mats made with PVC tend to emit unpleasant odors. Importantly, cutting mats containing PVC are treated with plasticizers which soften the PVC. These plasticizers are actually chemicals that are known to be harmful to the human body as they contain phthalateswhich we discussed in a previous blog post. With all of this in mind, Brittany was only too happy to share her ecopeco® cutting mat with her daughter, Justice, who is also an avid crafter. In Brittany's own words, "with it being kid-friendly, toxics free, lightweight, durable and smaller than my current mats, it’ll be perfect for her."


We're thrilled Brittany and Justice are enjoying their ecopeco® cutting mat and wish them many more years of crafting inspiration with ecopeco®! 

Brittany is a master of her craft and regularly shares her sewing genius with her loyal tribe on both Instagram and YouTube. Head on over to Brittany's social pages and give her a follow: Instagram  YouTube

Feature image and last image courtesy of Brittany Jones.


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